Rebuild Our Altars Of Fire Day 3

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To walk into the altar where you present your worship that breaks the yoke of the enemy. The place of overcoming and daily communion. Let’s rebuild our altars and watch Gods fire fall.

Only God Can Start the Fire

Sometimes in our Christian walks, instead of going to God and asking Him to send His fire, we start our own fires.

Lord knows when we try to fan that fleshly fire through activities, events, or programs this fire is very destructive.

For every human fire we start in the house of the Lord, particularly in spiritual ministry, a price must be paid directly or indirectly either today or in the future. I belive we as His church are seeing this now  

We see an example of this at the Tabernacle in the time of Moses when the two oldest sons of Aaron, the high priest, disobeyed God. No sooner had the fire from the Lord fallen and consumed the burnt offering on the bronze altar, than Nadab and Abihu, planning to offer incense within the Tabernacle, went ahead and started their own fire. We read that they were punished by death for this sacrilege of bringing counterfeit fire before the Lord. The old saying about playing with fire is true: You will eventually get burned.

Thank you God for your grace and mercy through Christ Jesus, You no longer do such things under the New Covenant. We need to remember, however, that God’s grace does not change His attributes. God was holy in the Old Testament, and He is holy today. God was a consuming fire in the Old Testament, and He is a consuming fire today.

What is the difference between the Old Testament and current times? Today God’s grace allows us to approach Him at His throne. But never forget: His attributes have not changed. Our God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

So,  we must never create things of the flesh and call them things of God. We must never mix the divine with the human. False fire is what we create when the presence of God is not real in our lives. We avoid false fire by being sincere, honest, and true with God, by understanding, obeying, and submitting fully to His will.

Questions to Ponder: Have you ever tried to fan a “false fire” into flame? How might you express deeper reverence for God’s holiness?