7 Names Of Jesus #3 Son of Man

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Many people today have no idea how to live. They make a mess of their marriages and other relationships. Often, they wreck their own lives and the lives of others. We all need wisdom in order to live well.


Son of Man

This was Jesus’ favourite way of referring to himself (see, for example, Luke 6:5). This is a messianic title. Daniel 7 speaks of ‘one like a son of man’ (Daniel 7:13) and it is likely that this aspect of Jesus’ understanding of his identity and mission stems from that passage. It is a title that combines authority and power with humility and suffering.

We are reminded both of Jesus’ love for us and his authority over us. Often we can focus on the first without paying enough attention to the second. Submit to Jesus’ authority, obeying his teaching and following where he leads you.

Lord, thank you that you are the representative Son of Man who suffered for me.