8 Things God Cares About #3 Compassion

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Trust , courage, compassion, humility, poverty, generosity, remembrance and justice.

3. Compassion

Is your heart moved by the people you come across?

Jesus not only had compassion for individuals (for example, healing the sick man, v.4), he also had compassion for the city (Jerusalem). In this passage, he uses maternal imagery to describe his love for God’s city: ‘How often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings’ (13:34). (Interestingly, he quite naturally puts himself in the place of God, to whom both male and female imagery is applied in the Bible.)

Supremely, Jesus showed his compassion in going to his death on the cross for us.

The story is told of a fire in Yellowstone National Park, USA. When a forest ranger went to assess the damage, he discovered a bird that was lying dead, black and carbonised, at the bottom of a tree. It was a rather unnerving sight, so he pushed the bird over with a stick. Suddenly, three little chicks scurried out from under the wing of the dead mother. Because the mother had been willing to die out of compassion for her chicks, the chicks under her wing had lived. So too with Jesus, our mother hen – he died to protect us.